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Hi coach, my name is Mike Lalor and I wanted to say thank you for visiting my website. To answer a commom emailed question, YES I am happy to say all DVD's are in stock and ready to be shipped out to you here in 2019!! My goal is to create affordable coaching materials for football coaches across the country. Over the years, I have purchased many coaching tapes and DVDs, however when I received the material I was dissapointed with the amount of information I received for the amount of money I paid. I've been blessed to learn from great coaches and in turn our program has blessed with a great deal of success by reaching the State finals 6 times in the past 20 years, winning five State Titles, one Runner-up, and going to the semi-finals an additional two times in that same 18 year span.

My goal was to pack as much solid content and information into a my DVDs, and provide them to coaches such as yourself, at a very reasonable cost. I now have nine DVDs, including: 

(1)Flexbone Run Game (2) Flexbone Passing Game (3) Goaline and Short yardage package (4) Option QB drill DVD (5) Practice Planning, (6) Multiple 50 Defense, (7) Offensive Line Play, (8) Defensive Line Play, (9) Special Teams, (10) WR RB Drills (11) 3-4 Defense for the Spread offense, and a 25-page packet on how to better plan your practice to make efficient use of your time. Please check out each page and enjoy the video preview as well.

I hope the information I'm providing to you regarding Football is both informational and affordable. I have tried to create DVDs and packets that are full of information, drills, and ideas concerning football. My second goal was to create information that was affordable to coaches. I will explain what is included in each or these products and give you a preview in the pages of this website

The pricing is as follows + tax:

  • Flexbone Running Gamedvd            $20
  • Flexbone Passing Game DVD          $20
  • Short Yardage Offense DVD             $20
  • Option QB Drill DVD                          $20
  • 3-4 Defense for the Spread               $20
  • NEW! WR RB Drill DVD                    $20
  • Special Teams DVD                          $20
  • Multiple 50 Defense DVD                  $20
  • Defensive Line Drill DVD                   $20
  • Practice Packet                                  $20
  • Offensive Line DVD                           $20
  • Special Teams DVD                           $20
  • Highlight DVD Package                     $20
  • Game Footage DVD                          $20
  • Package deals as well that can save you up to 150 DOLLARS!! Check the "Buy Now" Icon
  • This price includes the cost of shipping! You pay nothing exrta!

You can also buy online, by going to the "Buy Now" icon.

Or, you can order by making a check, money order, or cash to Mike Lalor, and sending to the following address:

Mike Lalor

7540 Kylewood Drive

Stillman Valley IL 61084

This cost includes shipping and handling. Packages will be sent Priority Mail. Delivery takes between 4-6 days.

I believe all of these items will help you as a coach, and help develop or enhance your program. Please click on the link to get a more in-depth look at each DVD.