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PICK 3! Pick any three items and pay just $40! You save 20 Dollars!, You include a message to me when you order to let me know which 3 you want.

$40.00 $60.00

Pick any three items and pay just $35! You save 10 Dollars!, you will be asked to leave a note in your order, please request which items you would like to purchase! There will be a place for you to leave a message when you order, If for some reason there is not, just place your order and email me at [email protected] and let me know which three items you would like. Pick From 1. Offensive Line Drill DVD 2. Defensive Line Drill DVD 3. Wr Rb Drill DVD 4. Practice Planning DVD 5. Special Teams DVD 6. Multiple 50 DVD 7. Practice Planning DVD 8. Practice Planning Manual 9. Game FootageDVD 10. Highlight DVD 11. Flexbone run game 12 Flexbone Passing Game 13 Shortyardage and Goaline 14. Qb Drill DVD 15 3-4 Defense for the Spread

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