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Defensive Line DVD

Defensive Line Drill DVD

This DVD covers Defensive Line Drills and fundamentals. It also covers how we teach our Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers in our 5-2 defense. This DVD covers over 40 different drills that we utilize to teach our Defensive Line and Outside Linebackers. The DVD is fully narrated, and is an hour long. The DVD includes the following:

  • Agility Drills
  • Tackling Circuit
  • Block Recognition Progression
  • Angle Progression
  • Pass Rush Drills
  • Option Drills

I will explain each drill to you and then show you real high school players that will go through the drill while I explain what they are trying to accomplish in each drill. I will also show footage of some of the things you dont want your kids to do in each drill. There are some very common mistakes that can be avoided if you know what they are ahead of time.

The DVD will take you through the different progressions we use to teach our defensive lineman. Each year we have different types of kids and because of this we have to teach them different types of teachniques each year to give them the best chance at success.

I will also show you some small group drills that we use to teach our defensive line. I will go through many of our 2 on 1 drills that we use to better teach defensive line play.

Plus a great deal more!

Defensive lineman are build from the ground up, this dvd teach you how to train your defensive lineman by taking you through a series of footwork drills, body position drills and hand drills to develop the complete defensive lineman. All of these areas if taught correctly can be used to develop great defensive lineman year in and year out. Through constant repitition in practice almost any player can be developed into a good high school defensive lineman.

Also included in this DVD is how we teach tackling. This progression is an added bonus that can be used with all of your positions. By buying this defenisve line DVD you will also gain access to how to properly and effectively teach tackling. There are 6 drills that can be used with any position to teach the art of tackling. The DVD will walk you through the teaching points and the video will show you these videos as real high school athletes perform the drills!

For a free video preview of this video please click on and visit youtube, it takes less than a minute on most computers to load up the video.