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Flexbone Passing Game DVD

I'm excited to bring this dvd into production. One key to a successful Flexbone Offense is the ability to throw the ball effectively. Most of us option coaches would love to be able to run the ball each and every play, but reality says that defenses will be able to shut the run game down in time. In order to do this most defenses will have to open up areas in the pass defense to do so. I will take you through favorite pass plays we have to attack typical defenses. This DVD includes our ten favorite routes and combination of routes to throw. These routes are broken down into four categories, our favorite isolation rts. our favorite playside playaction passes, our favorite backside playaction pass plays, and our favorite counter action pass plays, along with our HB screen.

The plays presented include

1. Hitch Route

2. Fade Route

3. Frontside and Backside Seam route combinations

4. Frontside and Backside Curl - Go combination Routes

5. Counter pass, Rocket Pass, Flood Routes.

Along with these routes I also cover the most important part of the passing game in my opinion, pass protection. I will go over our system of protecting the QB using primarily turnback Protection. This protection scheme has allowed us to protect our passer so that we could take advantage of the passing game in key situations

In the video game film is included after each play is diagramed. You the coach will get to see the finer points of the offense along with key mistakes we have made over the years. By better understanding these mistakes your team will execute the offense at a even higher level.