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Flexbone Run Game DVD New!

This new dvd will take you through the key components of our flexbone run game. The DVD will take you through 7 core plays that make up our flexbone offense. These 7 core plays allow us to attack the entire defense and exploit each defenses weakness. Those plays are

1. FB Dive/Base

2. Triple Option / Inside Veer

3. Midline

4. Midline Triple

5 HB Counter

6. HB Loaded Double Option

7. Rocket Toss

The rules for each play are explained in depth for each of the 11 players, the entire play is drawn up and explained against various fronts. After each play is diagramed and explained, video footage of the play is shown to give you the coach a better understanding of the play works. I also explain how our program ties these plays together to form a complete package to attack the defense and exploit the weaknesses of the defense. Through the use of double teams in the offensive line, deception and option concepts in the backfield, this offense has allowed us to compete and be successful in almost every game we have played. Also with this DVD you have email access to me for any questions you might have on the offense.