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Multiple 50 Defense DVD

Multiple 50 DVD

The Multiple 50 DVD focuses on our 50 fronts, and how we bend our 50 into a 4-4 look, a 4-3 look, while playing multiple coverages behind these fronts. In all, there are over 20 different sound fronts that we use here at Stillman Valley. I will also show you how to align your players, their gap responsibilities, techniques, drop zone, and when to use the defenses. I will also illustrate to you how you can tie your coverages in with the various fronts, and which fronts work best against which defense.

Then, I will show you all of the finer points about the 50 defense and how to go about changing it to better match-up with modern-day offenses. Some of the defenses include, Reduce, Angle, Bear, and Goal Line defense.

At Stillman Valley, we believe that there are several great defenses, but every defense has weaknesses. The key is to be able to match the right defense with each offense. Instead of locking into one type of defense, we believe in giving multiple looks. Every defense has weaknesses, and if you only run one or two fronts, a good offense will, in time be successful. I believe there is something in this DVD for everyone. 

The DVD is over one hour in length.

For a free preview of this DVD please click on to visit youtube, the video takes about one minute to load up on most computers.