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Practice Planning DVD

This DVD will take you through how we practice both offense and defense on the same day. We believe the fewer repetitions on a daily basis are far better than many repetitions during just one day of practice. Due to this belief we practice both offense and defense on our two heavy work days of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday. This DVD will take you through every minute of our practice and show you how we arrange our coaching staff in order to do this effectively. The DVD will show constant practice footage and will show you parts of over 50 different drills we do during the course of a practice. Every minute of every position teaching is covered. Each period and group is broken down to show you as the coach a very time efficient way to practice and get the most out of your kids.

We attempt to be a 2 platoon program, but due to our schools size we cannot truly be a 2 platoon system, our starters on one side of the ball are the backups for the other side. When and if players get hurt often times we will then have some of our players going both ways. Because of this we had to develop a practice plan that would allow these players to get the repetitions they needed daily to become an effective player on both sides of the ball.

This hour long DVD is packed with face paced information that will allow you insight on how we run our practices. By the end of the DVD you will be able to custom fit your program into this practice plan if you so choose. The DVD is chaptered so you can quickly flip to the areas that you want to review and learn more about.