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Offensive Line Drill DVD

Updated Offensive Line Drill DVD

I have recently updated this video!! The video itself has been raised to a higher quality. Also I have added in bonus footage by including practice footage that shows many of the drills being done on the practice field.

We are a veer option team, so we choose our next best kids to play FB, QB, and the rest of the skill positions. The next lineup of kids, we then utilize in the offensive line. These players are individuals that were not good enough talent-wise to play in other positions, but have a strong internal desire to compete.

As a line coach, I researched as many line coaches as I could to develop a system to teach these lesser talented kids to block effectively. We devote a large amount of practice time to teach these players how to block, and this system is explained in our drill packet. As well, the drills are shown in our Drill DVD.

As a district, we did not have money to pay for a blocking sled, so it became crucial to develop a system of teaching fundamentals without the presence of a sled. We took the concept of blocking, and broke it down into smaller drills to teach players the concepts of footwork, body control, and the punch. We feel this is a very effective system and gives kids a chance to be successful on the field.

The DVD includes drills that teach stance and start, frame work, body position, the punch, along with drills we use to teach how to block LBs, scoop drill, fold block, along with other combination blocks and individual blocks. In the pass pro section, it includes a different set of drills to teach the punch and different mirror and slide drills we use.

The DVD has full audio, and I personally walk you through the teaching points of each drill. The DVD is almost an hour in length. It contains over 20 run blocking drills and seven pass pro drills as well.

I have also included an additional footage of two of our playoff games from 2003, including our Semifinal game. In all, you will receive over 2 and half hours of information for just $15. You will not find this much info on most DVDs at this low price.