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Practice Planning Manual

Practice Planning Manual Information

This Practice Planning Packet includes a look at our workweek from Saturday up until game time. Every minute that we spend on football during this week is covered. We believe it is through effective practice organization that you have your greatest chance at success.

I wanted to put something together that truly gets to the heart of football. Organization is the key to running a great program, year in and year out. We all have years when we have great talent, but to be competitive year after year you need a great plan. It is also my goal to show that through organization, one can still enjoy a life during football. We have been able to streamline our football workweek at Stillman into something that all of our coaches enjoy.

This packet includes:

1. How we practice offense and defense each night

2. How we organize a practice plan to be a two-platoon team with limited Varsity numbers

3. The list of drills we do for every minute of practice for every group

4. The exact amount of time we spend in each of our groups and what topics we cover

5. A special teams checklist for the week

6. How we scout an opponent.

7. How we do our pre-game

8. What we do each night of practice, Monday through Thursday, every minute is accounted for. 

Every minute for each player and coach is accounted for; and a complete listing of how we organize our practices is explained in detail.

Along with all of these things I have tried to include as many little time savers, and things that have made our practices more efficient. I believe this plan could be tweaked to fit any program or system, and make your program more efficient, effective and enjoyable for both coaches and players.