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Goaline and Short Yardage Offense DVD

Coaches I'm excited to present our goaline and short yardage offense in DVD format. As well all know games are often won or loss on a handful of short yardage plays. The ability to pick up a key first down and to be extremly efficent inside the Red Zone is key to every ball club. Over the years we have tried to mesh a couple of concepts as we created our overall offense. Although we are a flexbone team, we convert to a Wishbone Double Tight team in key situations. This hour long DVD will take you through the 4 key running plays, and 2 Key pass plays we like to run out of this formation. These six plays will allow you to attack every key part of a short yardage defense

These plays are

1. FB Wedge

2. Halfback Off-Tackle

3. HB Double Option

4. Triple Option

5. Boot Pass

6. Hi Lo Pass

As a group these 6 plays will allow you move the chains in short yardage, punch the ball into the endzone in the red zone, and allow you to run time off the clock when grinding out a win. Combine these plays with the Flexbone Offense, or use this alone as their own offense. These plays are time tested and will give your offense and team a chance when it needs to move the ball the most.