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Special Teams DVD

Special Teams DVD

The Special Teams DVD covers the following:

1. Punt

2. Punt Return

3. Kickoff, Kickoff Return

4. Kickoff Coverage

5. Extra Point

I go through each special team coverage in great detail. I will show you how we name and number the different positions of our special teams to make it easy for kids to effectively learn their fundamentals, as well as flawlessly execute these in real game situations.

I will give you an overview of the concept and plan for each special team. I will then show you each players' responsibility on each team. Game footage from our past season will then be shown to illustrate the effectiveness of each special team in an actual game setting.

I will also show you some of the common mistakes that are made on these teams, and how you can avoid these problems so that your special teams can be outstanding.

This DVD is 50 minutes of fast-paced action geared to giving you as much information as possible. The tapes will take you through the teaching of each special team, and give you a greater understanding of how to implement these teams into your own program.

r a free preview of this DVD please click on to watch the video. It takes less than a minute to load this video on most computers